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about us

Supporting talents since 1998

Viktor Kolář
Předseda představenstva SPORT INVEST International, a.s.

Robert Spálenka
Generální manažer SPORT INVEST hockey, spol. s r.o.

Viktor Kolář

Chairman of the Board, SPORT INVEST International, a.s.

Robert Spálenka

General Manager, SPORT INVEST hockey, spol. s r.o.

our vision

We are the Central European number one in sports management and marketing. We are proud to offer high-quality services as proven by our over 20 years of experience, dozens of Olympic medals and the fulfilled dreams of athletes from various disciplines.


26 years on the market

420 zastoupení

Over 500 representations

25 profesionálů

60 professionals

Exclusive representation of top Czech athletes

Our athletes enjoy comprehensive services. We provide sports and health care, acquire sponsors and build PR and media relationships. We take joy in their achievements and provide support in difficult times.

Sports marketing leader

We love to work with partners with a similar mindset. We design and manage marketing and sponsor activities as well as advertising campaigns. Our business partners are offered a powerful marketing tool in the form of remarkable sports stories.