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our experts

our experts

Michal Reissinger
Kondiční trenér Sport Invest International. Mistr ČR v Muay Thai, člen českého reprezentačního týmu. Kromě kondice se specializuje na tvorbu jídelníčků. Jeho služeb využívají také fotbalisté Sparty.
PhDr. Jiří Šlédr

Sports psychologist working with national sports team members in almost 80 disciplines. Partnering with the best coaches, his primary focus is elite sport performance. He gives lectures at both Czech and international coaching symposiums and accompanies athletes at high-level competitions.

Josef Andrle

Specializes in movement diagnostics for young and top performing athletes and follow-up individual movement and fitness training. His services include plans focused on improving movement skills, coordination, fitness, health and performance.

MUDr. Petr Holub

Charles University Faculty of Medicine graduate, excellent sports physician and traumatologist. Our high-quality cooperation is now in its 10th year. Aside from Sport Invest’s athletes his clients include the national handball team and formerly also AC Sparta Prague. His frequent lectures on health and sports draw a lot of interest.

Mgr. Pavel Vraný

Distinguished lawyer specializing in civil law with a focus on contractual law, corporate law, property law and construction law. In sports he deals mainly with the legal aspects of counselling, major sports event organization and sports marketing and management.

Ing. Jiří Matěj Brůna, MBA, MSc.

Graduate of many study programmes with a detailed knowledge of the Czech educational system. His services cover study choice advice and continuous guidance for young athletes regarding regular and specific educational needs, including remedial classes, exam preparation and study coaching. Authored dozens of specialized and popular articles.

Karel Pelikán

Sought-after expert with experience from high performance football, handball and volleyball. His services include issue-specific solutions as well as a comprehensive plan with a kinesiological analysis and the resulting follow-up care. Provides expert care to over 1500 sports clients.

Jana Slaninová

Multiple 200m Czech champion, European and World Athletics Championship participant and a still-active athlete. Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University graduate, professional coach of the Vítkovice Sports Club Union specializing in sprints.

Zdeněk Pekárik

Experienced real estate professional available to Sport Invest’s clients on any occasion. His services include finding a home in a new place, finding tenants for property acquired, property scouting, apartment and house sales, and all-inclusive administrative support.