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Live your hockey dreams

who we are

In hockey, only the best and the most determined make it to the top. We can identify and help such players. If you want to make your mark in hockey, we are here for you. We know what you need to succeed. The biggest number of players in the Czech Republic and Slovakia rely on us. We help them shine in world-renowned competitions, most notably in the NHL.

Supporting players from their youth and guiding them throughout their career, we keep their trust, because our work is visible. We have a team of top professionals looking after them. Moreover, we work with renowned partners. We’ve been on the market for over 20 years, and our clients are proud Stanley Cup winners, Olympic medallists and world champions. For all our experience, hockey is still our passion. We believe that you must love what you do if you want to do it well.


our services

  • top health care
  • fitness training and physiotherapy
  • specialized training and development of specific skills
  • nutrition counselling
  • focus on education and psychology
  • tax and legal services
  • media and PR support
  • material equipment


We are proud to call the Czech Republic our home. But we have colleagues and contacts in all the top hockey locales. The situation on the world hockey map keeps changing, and those who want to succeed must be ready.

Our Moscow-based office, headed by our experienced colleague Dmitry Zaikin, is working to increase our clients’ chances of getting a KHL contract in a time when it’s becoming increasingly harder for Czech and Slovak hockey players to get one. We also have an active network of colleagues in Sweden, Finland and Switzerland. Our Prague headquarters, regional managers, European experts and Canadian colleagues in Newport Sports Management, a renowned sports agency, are all ready to welcome clients who take playing hockey seriously.

Working with the best in the NHL

The path to the NHL is beset with challenges. Being the best is not enough. You must want it more and work harder than others. But even this may not be enough without the help of those who know how to succeed. Sport Invest has had a long partnership with Newport Sports Management, a renowned agency representing the most players in the world’s best league, capable of opening the door to the NHL of your dreams.

People from Newport Sports Management are behind the biggest names and the most significant trades in the NHL. Every year, they have the most players in the first round of the draft. Established in 1981, the agency has become the world’s most successful hockey agency thanks to the legendary Don Meehan. Such players as Brad Marchand, Steven Stamkos, Matthew Tkachuk and Rasmus Dahlin are members of our joint family.

Ondřej Palát

If you want to succeed, in any activity, you need people who trust you but at the same time don’t let you stop and be happy with what you already have. And I’ve found both in Sport Invest: They are professionals who’ve supported me in the most difficult moments but never let me stop halfway without reaching the top of my abilities. I would have never won the Stanley Cup without Robert Spálenka and his team.

Ondřej Palát

Ondřej Palát

Current Stanley Cup winner with an exceptional hockey story . A boy from Frýdek-Místek who, with a combination of his own diligence and the right decisions, reached the very top.

My story

Pavel Francouz

Pavel Francouz

Hockey reality does not always resemble fairy tales. Pavel is an exception. An incredibly modest boy, thanks to his skill and huge will, he became one of the recognized goalkeepers in the NHL .

My story

Tomáš Hertl

Tomáš Hertl

One of the most talented Czech players and a recognized hockey personality overseas. On the threshold of adulthood, he was faced with the possibility of ending his career for health reasons. We are proud that we did not allow it.

My story


World Championship medals

We don’t live in the past. But we like to remind ourselves how much joy our clients have brought to the hockey community.



We value quality over quantity. Our aim is to work with the best who know where they’re headed and are willing to work their way up.


national team members

This is the number of our clients who wore the national team jersey last year. And more are waiting to be nominated.