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PR and media

Telling exceptional stories

A mosaic of diverse professionals

Our team consists of experts in media, PR and social media. We are staffed by professionals with experience from PR departments of clubs or heads of communications of national teams. Need to devise a PR strategy for a selected brand, provide crisis communications related to an athlete or come up with a fresh social media campaign? We are ready for our clients.



Tailor-made services

Our services for athletes and partners include, among other things:

  • press briefings and official meetings with the media
  • controlled interviews with ensured partner visibility
  • PR and media relations management
  • social media strategy design
  • media plans for a specific event or project
  • media training for media and expert community-facing individuals

Petr Cech a Volkswagen 026

Helping you to make your dreams happen

In need of a comprehensive communications solution? We are excited to get to work.

You love sports, want to partner your brand with one of our athletes and don’t know where to start? You want to use sports or a physical activity to support your product launch on the Czech market?

We are here for you. Our assessment of your ideas, expectations and hoped-for outcomes will be human, understandable and straightforward. We will come up with the best way forward adapted to the nature of your project, budget and personal preferences. Yes, we can do all that. And we are good at it.