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Individual sports

Standing by Olympic medallists and world champions

who we are

We are proud to connect successful people. The Sport Invest family unites personalities from different sports sectors and disciplines. Aware of the uniqueness of their sport and their individual needs, we provide each client with an individual approach.

Our main focus is athletic preparation as well as brand building. Every athlete is unique and has different individual needs. We are here to help in all areas.


our services

  • top health care
  • fitness training and physiotherapy
  • nutrition counselling
  • public speaking and presentation training
  • PR and media relationship building
  • tax and legal services
  • material equipment


Martina Sáblíková

Some people, especially those from abroad, find the story of my athletic career hard to believe. A girl from a small city in a country with no speed skating rink makes it to the imaginary top. And I say to everyone that without Sport Invest this would not have been possible. We’ve been living my dreams together, we’ve fulfilled them together. I was training as much as I could, while Sport Invest took care of the rest. After all the negotiated contracts and successful press conferences I still appreciate mainly one thing – they have always kept their word. And this is much appreciated in both sports and everyday life.

Martina Sáblíková

Martina Sáblíková

World record holder, Olympic champion, world and European champion. One of the most successful speed skaters in history .

My story


Olympic medals

It’s impossible to quantify how much effort and passion athletes have invested in their training. But what can be counted are their medals. We are honoured that they also bear the signature of our agency.



This is the number of business, production, PR, accounting, law, graphics and social media experts taking care of our top Czech athletes’ wellbeing.


sports disciplines

We love the challenge of adding a new sport. We’ve represented athletes from many sports. We’ve enjoyed them all and are looking forward to the next one.