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Looking after football talents both in the Czech Republic and around Europe

Who we are

We are the most successful Czech football agency. Our brand has become the epitome of reliability, creativity and success. Upholding this reputation is what drives us forward.
We know that behind extraordinary sports stories lies hard work and fairness in every moment of football life. Over our more than 20 years on the market, we’ve built a well-functioning team of professionals who stand by their clients at every moment. Our task is to arrange local and international player transfers and negotiate the conditions of professional player contracts. We are here to make even the boldest sports dreams a reality.

our services

  • top health care
  • fitness training and physiotherapy
  • nutrition counselling
  • international internships and language courses
  • focus on education and psychology
  • tax and legal services
  • media and PR support
  • material equipment


Looking after young talents

Players are provided with comprehensive care thanks to our vast network of regional managers. Everyone is guaranteed an individual approach based on their football, psychomotor and social capacities and, of course, regular consultations to maximize the use of the footballer’s potential.

Our clients are regularly sent to full-fledged camps in youth academies run by renowned European clubs. Selected young footballers from the Sport Invest family join some of the most prestigious football brands while still in the youth category.


International offices

We are the only Czech agency with an official office in England. Our full-fledged London office employs British football professionals taking care of local talents while also providing unparalleled contract and camp opportunities for Czech football hopefuls.

Sport Invest has long been active in Russia as well. We also have colleagues knowledgeable of the local environment and market specifics in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Sweden and many other countries. While at a camp or on a permanent contract in Europe, Sport Invest’s players benefit from daily local support.

Petr Čech

I’ve been working with the Sport Invest agency throughout my whole career. It has been quite a journey as the company evolved over more than 20 years to join the ranks of renowned brands on the European football market. It’s a dynamic agency with a consistent image and high-quality services. And what’s essential for me - the agency delivers on its promises to clients, clubs and all other entities in the football world. This is a huge asset, and its importance only grows with time.

Petr Čech

Petr Čech

An excellent goalkeeper, one of the best footballers in Czech history. Holder of many trophies, awards and records. He is currently the Sports Director at Chelsea FC.

My story

Bořek Dočkal

Bořek Dočkal

Captain of Sparta and the Czech national football team. Excellent technician and director of the game, a player with exceptional gaming intelligence. Leader, one of the most prominent personalities of Czech football.

My story

Pavel Kadeřábek

Pavel Kadeřábek

Defender of the German Hoffenheim and the Czech national football team. One of the biggest stars of domestic football scene, a player with exceptional physical parameters.

My story


players represented

Nurturing over 300 football careers, we provide an individual approach to each one, considering each career a unique project.


managers in the Czech Republic and in Europe

Embracing challenges both at home and abroad thanks to the presence and support of our own team of professionals. We are present everywhere that we are needed.


national team matches

Over our more than 20 years of experience, we have represented the most famous figures in Czech football. History is not forgotten. It’s a source of inspiration, education, and humility. We’ve been writing the decisive chapters of Czech 20th and 21st century football. And we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished.