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Creating trends in sports marketing

Representing the greatest Czech athletes

We are proud to connect successful people. We represent hundreds of athletes, including Olympic medallists, Champions League winners, world and European champions. The Sport Invest family unites Czech sports legends with talented hopefuls at the beginning of their career. We take pride in establishing long-term cooperation with a clearly set direction and goals, right from the start. Every athlete benefits from an individual approach



Marketing is our passion

We love sports marketing, but we do a lot more than that. We can provide all-inclusive marketing services for sports events and tournaments ranging from business support, event partnerships and a visual identity to a detailed media plan, related PR activities and a creative social media presence.

We enjoy creating marketing and activation plans for specific brands to present them in a new, non-traditional light. We are not a corporate organization but a bunch of young enthusiasts who simply enjoy what we do.


Connecting athletes with business partners

We connect athletes with strong business partners and offer business partners exceptional and powerful sports stories. We design and manage marketing plans, draft creative concepts, implement original PR projects and advertising campaigns by selecting the right solution from a range of options to create an original, functional whole.

Partnerships are tailored to both the athlete and the partner’s needs. Our partners are guaranteed a visible and valorised investment in sports marketing.



we are #1

We are #1 in Czech sports marketing. But we still take pride in an individual approach to each client. We are not after more commissions, we are looking for a long-term project to enjoy with our client.


partners lost

This is how many partners we’ve lost because of the COVID-19 crisis. Though all sectors were hit by the current situation, we managed to keep our long-term sports project partners active. A new approach, new channels, new goals. There’s no reason to give up, and we are happy they’ve supported us all the way.


years on the market

This is how long Sport Invest has been on the market. Both the agency and the universe of sports and marketing have undergone a transformation. We combine significant past experience with enthusiasm and a desire to rewrite marketing textbooks.